1. Make your very own little Noongar Fishing story pocket booklet (instructions included) along with fishing story key words to help you learn and identify key words in the story.

2. Body parts in Noongar language:

Girls face

Boys face

3. Girl and boy activity cover page. Create your own pack.

4. Matching the word and picture activity.


Theme packages:

Each free downloadable pack contains fun learning activities that will create an awareness of the Noongar language for all to enjoy.

Family Pack – 24 pages

Ocean Pack – 28 pages with Ocean song including a fun Fish Game for all to enjoy.

Bush Pack  – 25 pages

Bird Pack – 26 pages including Bird Bingo a fun way to learn all about the birds in Noongar Language.

Insects28 pages including a fun Caterpillar bingo game for all to enjoy!

Animals– 27 Pages