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NBLCAC Directors Beverley Rebbeck, Karim Khan and his daughter

Noongar Boodjar Language Cultural Aboriginal Corporation (NBLCAC)

NBLCAC was established in 2014. NBLCAC is the incorporated body that developed the Noongar Boodjar Language Centre.

A board of directors representing most of the Noongar clans manages NBLCAC’s operations. NBLCAC was granted 4 year funding 2015-19 by the Commonwealth Government under the Indigenous Languages Support program for the establishment of the Noongar Language Centre.

New members and associate members are welcome, please complete membership forms: Membership or Associate membership


Noongar Language Centre

The main task of the Noongar Language Centre is the recording, transcription, analysis and databasing of the Noongar language with the production of a comprehensive dictionary, dialect dictionaries, grammar and learning materials.

The Noongar Language Centre:

  1. Operates as a peak body for the Noongar language and dialects.
  2. Records, transcribes, analyses and databases the Noongar language and dialects.
  3. Releases academic research related to the Noongar language.
  4. Maintains a Noongar language archives.
  5. Develops language resources for all Noongar clan groups to support, maintain and develop our culture.
  6. Provides resources to support language learning.
  7. Records, documents and publishes Noongar traditional stories and ancestral knowledge in
  8. traditional and contemporary formats.
  9. Supports the training and delivery of Noongar community-based language classes.
  10. Creates a greater understanding of Noongar knowledge to strengthen our well-being and unique Noongar identity.

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NBLCAC Membership

Membership of the NBLCAC is open to all Noongar people. There are two types of membership:

  1. Membership– this is open to all people of Noongar heritage.
  2. Associate membership– this is open to all non-Noongar people, organisations and businesses.

Non-Noongar people and organisations are also invited to support the work of the NBLCAC by becoming Associate Members.


Membership Fees

Members $20 per year


Associate Members Fees

Individual or sole trader      $50 per year

Not-for-profit organisation  $100 per year

Government agency  $500 per year

Commercial entity     $500 per year

Member and Associate Members receive 10% discount on products and training packages AND a hard copy newsletter 4 times a year.

Associate member organisations may display the NBLCAC logo and membership on their website and corporate material. Assistance with RAP plans and other language and culture positive activities is available for associate member corporations.

Applying for Membership

Complete the membership or associate membership forms and send it to the NBLCAC Board. Once your membership has been approved at a Board meeting, you will be sent an invoice for the membership fee. Once you pay your fee, you will receive the quarterly newsletter and discount coupons for training sessions and resources.



NBLCAC Board members signing a four year Commonwealth funding agreement for 2015-2019

Wadjari Clan Poster

Wardandi Clan Poster