“Language is for Everyone”, This has been Gloria Dann’s motto during her long and distinguished career in Noongar Language work.

Gloria (Nora) Dann a Balardong, Wardandi woman, is an Elder of the Noongar community in Bunbury who has been instrumental in initiating and developing Noongar Language activities over the past 20 years. She started her language work in 1995 as an Aboriginal Education Officer at Djidi Djidi Aboriginal School Bunbury. Gloria began her journey into reviving and learning the Noongar language by achieving a LOTE qualification, enabling her to teach primary school children within a school setting. She was one of first language participants to achieve a Noongar Language Certificate in Aboriginal Languages 1998. Gloria was known as Nanna Nora and taught Noongar Language every week at Djidi Djidi. Nana Nora had a huge impact on the Noongar children that she taught over the many years at Djidi Djidi and still holds a special place in the hearts and minds of her former students. All her efforts to revive and save our language did not go unnoticed as she went onto receive the 1998 Aboriginal Education Award of Excellence, acknowledging her as an outstanding Aboriginal educator.

Gloria’s status as a language specialist grew she began to receive other accolades not only within the Noongar Community but also all over the south-west. Gloria is a recognised Noongar Elder and has been involved in many community projects taking the roles of mentor, Noongar community advisor and role model to many, encouraging other language trainees to become language teachers. Today Gloria continues her language work as an active member of the Noongar Boodjar Language Centre. Gloria has been a member of the Noongar language project since 2004.