The first round of Noongar Master Apprentice Noongar Language workshops started in Harvey. The course was a five-week intensive course for beginner speakers of Noongar. There were 20 participants that consisted of an intergenerational group including grandmothers, aunties, uncles, children and grandchildren.

Master and Apprentice is a language revival program developed in the USA, originating in California with Professor Hinton from Berkley University in 1992 in collaboration with the Native Californian Network. The aim of the program is to undertake language immersion by working with an Elders and younger speakers to revive language and strengthen identity and culture.

When undertaking the program participants are encouraged to leave English behind and include non-verbal communication, actions, jesters and listening and speaking to communicate everyday langauge in their community. Grandmothers to grandchildren are encouraged to be proactive learner and to share and encourage others to regain their mother language.

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[frame src=”” width=”300″ lightbox=”on” title=”Phyllis Bennell”]
This is Phyllis Bennell conducting a Welcome to Country at the Harvey Community Master and apprentice workshop 2015
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Natalie Wallam and Lesley Ugle, practicing their Noongar conversation skillsat the Harvey Community Master and Apprentice classes.
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Some of the intergeneration family members learning Noongar greetings.
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Participants listening to Charmaine Councillor giving instructions in Noongar language.